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Sonia and Ahmed in Luxor


...always there for you   : housing, assist, inform and offer friendly programs.





Maya Sarsa lived for several years in Cairo and was able to soak up the Egyptian culture that teaches with passion through dance.
she organizes visits to Cairo for the dancers by having them share the discovery, culture and dance of course

Here's an idea of her program

Diver since 1997, instructor since 2005, Egypt since March 2006 Céline offers its services to tailor a dive package.

Céline works in association with diving clubs that comply with French safety standards and egyptian regulations. No supplement will be charged to your training with it.



Talat Abd El Mula

Owner of Eden Garden Camp, Talat will take care of you and all your desires will be orders.
- Visit the oasis.
- Concert of traditional music.
- Expeditions in 4x4 cards or camels
- The black deserts, the western desert and the famous white desert.